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Meghdad Mostafaei

Director, Chartered Marketer, FCIM & MBA

Meghdad Mostafaei, Founder and Director at VIPLAND Ltd
Welcome to VIPLAND

As one of the top concierge companies in London, VIPLAND was founded by Meghdad Mostafaei, a chartered Marketer and Senior Business Consultant at International level. He aimed to fulfil a luxury concierge service that he felt was not well addressed - a professional concierge service that offers privileged access to the finest luxury lifestyle, with minimal hassle, delivering on its promises.

Since then, VIPLAND has grown from a simple guest list to an exclusive full-service concierge membership, specialising in all aspects of VIP entertainment and travel, focusing on restaurants, member clubs, events, concerts, sports, fashion and award shows. Along with this, Meghdad was a publisher for over five years and has contributed to media industry in this specialist field during his journey.

Access the inaccessible and live the lifestyle you deserve with an VIPLAND membership.

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